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Dyson & Mane Addicts Team Up to Support Salon Heroes + More Beauty News This Week

Diptyque’s latest fragrance is here


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Meet Orphéon, the latest fragrance release from Diptyque. Launched on March 15, the eau de parfum is inspired by jazz clubs in Paris in the early 1960s. Notes of juniper berry, cedar, tonka bean and jasmine come together to create something that’s warm, joyful and celebratory. And isn’t that what we could all use right about now? Its name, Orphéon, was one of the bars where the three founders of the nearby Diptyque boutique liked to meet for a drink.

Dyson and Mane Addicts team up to support salon heroes affected by this challenging year


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Mane Addicts, the hair trends brand founded by celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, has teamed up with Dyson to celebrate salon heroes impacted by the … Read the rest

Kaitlyn Bristowe Wants You to Chill About Body Odour

Kaitlyn Bristowe knows what it’s like to be in situations that would make anyone sweat. Take competing in the finale of Dancing with the Stars with some 60 million people watching (she won the mirrorball trophy, by the way) or dating a couple dozen men on national television as you search for a potential life partner as The Bachelorette. The Alberta-born Bristowe, who is returning to Bachelor nation as co-host of the upcoming seasons of The Bachelorette alongside fellow alum, Tayshia Adams, has been in some high-stress public scenarios. And yet, the host of the popular Off the Vine podcast decided to make the switch to natural deodorant a couple of years ago after crowd-sourcing suggestions about brands to try on Instagram. She says she hasn’t looked back.

Bristowe says her recent partnership with Schmidt’s, a brand beloved for its aluminum-free, Ecocert-certified natural formulas and scents derived from essential … Read the rest

The Best Styling Products for Wavy Hair and Type 2 Curls

Must of us know that curly and wavy hair can be on the drier side because the oils that are naturally produced by the scalp can’t travel down the hair shaft and nourish the hair as easily as they can with straight hair. Because of this, products for wavy hair need to be hydrating in order to keep it shiny and healthy. However, when it comes to type 2 hair — that is, waves that are bendable and lay closer to the head, appearing in a distinctive ‘S’ shape — it can range in thickness. Like, a lot. Type 2 waves can be ultra-fine, thick and coarse, or anything in between. This can make choosing the right styling product a bit tricky. If you pick one that’s not nourishing enough, your strands risk not getting enough hydration. If you go with one that’s too heavy, you’ll weigh your waves down.… Read the rest

What Is Sleep Paralysis? Plus, What You Should Do if You Have It

This article was originally published in February 2019. 

Ever wake up in the middle of the night completely paralyzed but totally cognizant of the fact that you can’t move your limbs? Chances are you’ve experienced sleep paralysis. Here, a breakdown on the ever-so-elusive sleep disorder and what you can do if you have it.

What is sleep paralysis?

Some chalk up sleep paralysis to supernatural causes, or an urban legend dubbed the “night hag.” Well, turns out sleep paralysis is a real thing. It affects approximately 7.6 percent of people worldwide (Kendall Jenner reported experiencing episodes back in 2016), and in Canada alone, it affects “about half of the population at some point in their lives,” says Dr. Brian Murray, head of the division of neurology at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto.

Sleep paralysis occurs during the final sleep stage (we go through a total of five periods … Read the rest

There Are So Many Fashionable Items on Sale Right Now—These Are the Best

I just love a good a sale. You too? Wonderful. You might be particularly into what’s coming your way. After scrolling through the pages and pages of stylish items at a few of my go-to stores (mainly Nordstrom and Shopbop), I realized that there’s certainly an abundance of fresh new arrivals, but there’s also quite the variety of on-sale items as well.

That’s right. I’m talking serious discounts on pieces perfect for this transitional weather, as well as items that could be worthy additions into your actual spring wardrobe as well. You know, picks like sleek and easy shoe silhouettes, staple denim styles, adorable lightweight knits, and chic dresses. With that in mind, keep scrolling to check out an edit featuring the best and most fashionable items on sale right now. Enjoy.

The denim cut the fashion crowd is all about.

Cutouts are trending hard right now.

Read the rest

100 Hair, Makeup, Skin, Nails Ideas In 2020

Celebrity’s hair styles and fashion have a huge influence on our culture, they influence what is in and what is out. The twentieth Century has heard many debates calling for education to be freely accessible to all citizens as an integral lifelong process. (Yeaxlee, 1920, 25). As we will discuss later, however, the issue of class status can have a significant impact on the individual’s opportunity to reach their full potential. Street style has become just as major as the runway shows themselves. Check out these street style stars for fashion inspiration. Your skin care routine isn’t the only thing that can be transferred to your body. Body makeup is just as much of a thing! If you’re a fan of contouring with face makeup, you’ll want to learn How to Contour Your Body , too. Basically for the ones who do not want to be dressed like a woman. … Read the rest

Biggest Skin Care Trends Of 2018

In this article, you will learn how to self-wax and keep that peach fuzz under control without the hassle of scheduling appointments, taking time off work or dealing with child care. Get some good fats: These are the fats needed to build cells, membrane, hormones etc. Lack of the good fat can lead to eczema, acne and dry skin. The sources to get these fats are cold-water fish, walnut oil, flaxseed oil, nuts; also you can try fish oil supplements. Neck Area: While much time and attention is lavished on the face, the neck area needs as much care and consideration. Include the neck area in your skincare routine. 4. Try adding a little flair by wearing a mini ruffle dress. Though there are is vast range of beauty products available, basically there are three categories of beauty products. These three categories include p beauty products for skin, hair and … Read the rest

10 Apps To Know The Best Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

The wedding ceremony is the most special and important moment in a woman’s life. Social Problems and Control. Italians resent intrusions into private and family life. They have had centuries of practice in evading what they consider unjust laws. The major crime problem comes from the Mafia. Special courts and task forces have made some headway against the Mafia. Scandals linking politicians and judges to the Mafia have led to greater action in seeking its extermination. Street crime, such as robbery, is prevalent in the larger cities, and murder is a serious problem, with about one thousand five hundred per year, and an additional two thousand attempted murders per annum. The national police are found throughout the country. The judicial system operates on an inquisitorial system. There is no presumption of innocence, and judges routinely question defendants. The Catholic Church, family, and friends serve as strong informal social controls. In … Read the rest

Nykaa BeautyBook

Mango is a beautiful evergreen tree, originally from Burma and eastern regions of India. One can judge the skin type in the morning. As in the morning without washing the face one should wipe the face with a tissue paper, if there is lots of oil on the nose sides and chin then the skin is t-zone, if there is oil all over the face then the skin is oily, if its somewhere dry and somewhere oily then it’s combination skin, and if there is no oil n stickiness on the skin, the skin is dry and you are lucky if the skin is just perfect neither there is oil nor dryness. Of all the beauty skin care tips for staying young, one of the most important involves using sun protection. Ideally, you should stay out of the sun as much as possible – this includes tanning. If you cannot … Read the rest

The Hebrew God YHWH As Two Faced Androgynous Deity

Responding to specific beauty concerns and needs, Clarins skin care products for over forty-years have developed ground-breaking treatments, promoting the youthful vitality and radiance of the skin. This is big. If you are not the type you wouldn’t know but if you are, you know how many people dress up to look like their favourite characters or in period costumes. Anime characters and Furries are a craze for some people. Furries refer to dressing like a furry animal. Read this article to know how popular this is. First of all, natural way of caring for skin starts with some life-style changes we need to take care of. While you may not apply hair products to your face, the residue can often end up there anyway. Next time you use hairspray, cover your face with a clean towel to protect your skin. Also, use a sweatband when you hit the gym … Read the rest