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Without a Doubt, This "Sickly" Nail Color Is Going to Eclipse All Others

If you ask me, mauve is probably one of the most deeply misunderstood colors just in life, but especially so as it pertains to nail polish. Like puce (which is actually a dark purple-brown-red situation), glaucous (a powdery blue-gray), wenge (an earthy wooden brown), and plenty more, mauve really gets the short end of the stick where potential is concerned, and it sounds a lots less divine than it actually is. Maybe because it sounds like moth? (Honestly, I have no idea, but I don’t think I’m alone here, right?) It just doesn’t roll off the tongue or sound quite as exotic as other beloved hues like turquoise, lilac, or magenta.

Technically speaking, “mauve” is categorized as a pale shade of purple named after the mallow flower. Many people assume it’s more dishwatery and gray than it actually is, and up until recently, it hasn’t been a super-popular … Read the rest

9 Wellness Resolutions So Easy, You’ll Actually Stick To Them

No one needs another thing to do in 2021. So instead of making brand new New Year’s resolutions, why not just make tweaks to things you’re already doing? Most resolutions are ditched by January 17, but when you rebrand the healthy moves that are already part of your routine (and you are already doing at least some of the things below, you may just be overlooking them), you’re well on the path to success. Read on for nine easy wellness upgrades you can make in 2021.

1. Go for a walk

Parajumpers Limited-Edition Pia Jacket, $730, at 

Sitting for long periods of time is uncomfortable (let’s call for a moratorium on Zoom meetings longer than an hour, shall we?), but it’s also bad for your health. Long periods of sitting can tighten hip flexors and hamstring muscles, affecting balance, and potentially contributing to lower back and knee pain. … Read the rest

10 Turtleneck Dress Pairings to See You Through Winter

Turtlenecks are fashion insiders’ not-so-secret weapons in winter. Street stylists in particular love layering them under their cold-weather outfits. While said outfits can contain everything from hoodies and jeans to sweaters and knit skirts, it’s the turtleneck dress pairings that really make a lasting impression.

But putting the dynamic duos together is easier said than done. First, the turtleneck or the dress should be mainly constructed of a warmer fabric. (Think wool, velvet, etc.) Extra credit if both are suited for colder climates.

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This Luxurious Face Cream Is Just What My Winter Skin Needed—Here's Why

If I had to put a number on it, I’d say I’ve tested upwards of 50 moisturizers in the last few years. What can I say? I’m a sucker for best sellers, anything with hyaluronic acid, and the latest technology-packed products. So I like to think that I’ve seen and tried my fair share of options, some of which have become permanent fixtures in my routine, while the majority are usually cycled out after a few months. But last month I got my hands on the new StriVectin Wrinkle Recode™ Moisture Rich Barrier Cream, and little did I know that my skin would be blessed with one of the very best face creams it has ever tried.

This fresh-smelling tub of cream is thick but absorbs really fast, always leaving my face with a subtle dewy glow. I swear it only took a few days of using it morning … Read the rest

EXCLUSIVE: Sephora Canada Launches Lunar New Year Campaign With Canadian Influencers

This year, Lunar New Year welcomes The Year of The Ox and Sephora Canada is getting the festivities started early with the release of its fifth annual Lunar New Year campaign.

Beginning today, Sephora fans can shop an assortment of limited-edition beauty goods as well as custom Lunar New Year gift cards and promo offers. What is most noteworthy, however, is the campaign’s much-welcomed push past the commercial by featuring meaningful moments of cross-cultural exchange that highlight different values and traditions behind the holiday. (Lunar New Year is an annual 15-day festival that’s celebrated by multiple East Asian cultures around the world. It officially kicks off on February 12th.)

The Lunar New Year campaign is the latest extension of Sephora Canada’s We Belong To Something Beautiful series, a platform that’s been championing diversity and inclusion since its inception in 2019. To bring the campaign to life, the beauty retailer has … Read the rest

Refillable Skin Care Products That Are Good for Your Skin and the Environment

Whether you’re a Korean skin care routine devotee or a tried-and-true minimalist, we can all agree on one thing. Less is more. At least when it comes to packaging. Because even if your regimen involves only a few steps, that’s several packages that have to be either tossed or recycled at some point, preferably the latter. (But only a small fraction of plastics actually get recycled.) The solution? Why refillable skin care products, of course.

Refillable containers are nothing new in the beauty sphere. There are already lots of options for makeup. Now thanks to brands like Pharrell Williams’ new Humanrace line and Rihanna’s Fenty Skin, the reduce and reuse trend is gaining steam on the skin care side of the industry.

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Risk-Averse Dressers Will Avoid These Trends in 2021

Whenever designers send a particularly inventive, out-there look down the runway, they are fully aware that it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay. Adventurous dressers will eat up all of the amazing trends from the S/S 21 collections, but they certainly won’t be for everyone. 

Below, I’ve rounded up five daring 2021 trends that risk-averse dressers will be avoiding—and what to replace them with. Take, for instance, the controversial denim trend du jour: ultra-baggy jeans. Katie Holmes recently threw her hat into the ring and wore drop-crotch versions (and our readers had some feelings). If you’re loving it, go for it, but if you prefer subtler trend, I’ve got you covered in this story too. 

On Katie Holmes: Rogier Vivier boots

You can never beat H&M’s prices. 

I love how these pants are styled with a tucked-in ruched top. 

Plaid will always be
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Angel Chen Designed Canada Goose Parkas That Can Be Worn Upside Down

The latest collection from home-grown outerwear brand Canada Goose is designed by Chinese designer Angel Chen. The brand, who has become know for epic past collaborations, is joined by Chen as their first-ever guest designer.

Chen, who attended the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London and is shortlisted for the International Woolmark Prize, debuted her spring/summer 2021 runway collection this past October featuring her versions of iconic Canada Goose pieces. The Next In Fashion alum’s runway collection featured colour and volume that translates into dramatic redesigned Canada Goose pieces.

“This collection represents the transition from winter in Canada to spring in China,” says Chen, who included her version of the functional outerwear over tulle ball skirts in her finale looks on the runway.  The 13-piece collection is designed for men and women with mix-and-match layers to compliment varying weather conditions.

Styled unlike we’ve ever seen outwear before, with corset … Read the rest

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers to Make 2021 Your Most Relaxing Year Yet

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again and again: we love multitaskers. Any opportunity we have to pick up a twofer is a good day. That’s why we love essential oil diffusers because they not only freshen up our homes, they actually help us rest and relax.

Let’s face it, 2020 was rough. So one of our New Year’s resolutions is to take better care of our bodies and our minds. Essential oil diffusers are just the ticket since they add moisture to the air while imparting health benefits, depending on your essential oil of choice.

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I Used To Weight Lift 5 Days A Week—These Affordable Sports Bras Are The GOAT

Years spent weightlifting five days a week taught me that a workout is as only as good as your sports bra. Whether you’re hitting the elliptical or gearing up for a session of HIIT, nothing can subvert the promise of a great sweat more than feeling like your assets aren’t fully supported. Even if your workouts tilt more towards weight lifting than cardio, a sports bra that can handle the demand of movement while keeping everything in place is a fitness essential.

Although your home may serve as the backdrop to most of your workouts as of late, a sports bra should still rise to the occasion no matter your environment. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect one to add to my line up and through years of trial and error, I’ve discovered a few brands and styles that have become my favorites. While luxury activewear has certainly … Read the rest