And just like that, wedding season is upon us again. After what seems like ages, our inboxes are suddenly being flooded with wedding invites and I don’t know about you, but it definitely feels as though there are more weddings and wedding-related events this year than in previous years. As we’re all re-emerging into the world again, wedding guest attire is something we could all afford to brush up on right now. Let’s be honest, it’s never been simple to put together the perfect ensemble since there are so many factors to consider like the time of day, venue, dress code, and so many more details.

To shed light on one aspect—which colors to wear to a wedding—we’re deferring to the experts. Today, we’re tapping Micaela Erlanger, celebrity stylist, bridal fashion expert, and a regular Who What Wear contributing voice to let us in on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to picking out a color palette. While there are more colors in the “okay” bucket than we’re highlighting here, we’re keeping things streamlined and naming three color families that are flawless wedding guest choices for any kind of nuptials. On the flip side, Erlanger is also noting which three hues to avoid wearing (and for good reason).

Continue on to find out the colors to wear and to skip and of course, peruse our shopping picks for the former.

“Remember, this is the bride’s special color for the day. Let them shine.”

“There is nothing like some shine to say I’m here to celebrate. Metallics make for a beautiful choice whether in silver, gold, gunmetal, or a rose hue.”

“This color is too strong and harsh and could distract in photos. Ultimately taking the attention away from the guests of honor and the couple.”

“Soft, romantic, and foolproof!”

“Neon already hurts my eyes. Remember you are at a wedding, not a club.”

“As the saying goes, the bride needs something blue on their wedding day, who says and who says it can’t be a guest’s dress.”

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