Every year, Hollywood’s A-list shows up in droves for one of the most buzzed-about nights of the year: The Academy Awards. And while the celebration of the year’s best films is the reason for the gathering, it’s the red carpet arrivals, where we get the first glimpses of what everyone is wearing, that really grabs our attention. And, sure, it’s always an evening stacked with the dreamiest couture and more dazzling jewels than we can count, but the beauty moments are also downright iconic.

Over the last several decades, the hype around the Oscars and the enviable beauty looks put on display have only gotten bigger, better, and more glamorous. That’s why we decided to take a look back at the show-stopping hair and makeup moments that defined the 2000s, 2010s, and beyond to bring you a nostalgic edit of the 25 best Oscars beauty looks of the new millennium. Keep scrolling for all looks that still live in our heads rent-free.

WHO: Julia Roberts. WHAT: 73rd Annual Academy Awards, 2001. WEAR: Julia’s elegant high ponytail with those smooth, side-swept bangs just scream, “give me an Oscar.” 

WHO: Jennifer Lopez. WHAT: 73rd Annual Academy Awards, 2001. WEAR: J.Lo has been synonymous with gorgeous, radiant skin since the early aughts. Just look at that glow.

WHO: Halle Berry. WHAT: 74th Annual Academy Awards, 2002. WEAR: This spiky pixie is still undefeated.

WHO: Nicole Kidman. WHAT: 74th Annual Academy Awards, 2002. WEAR: If you ask us, this strawberry blonde hair color and cute barrel curls are due for a comeback.

WHO: Jennifer Lopez. WHAT: 75th Annual Academy Awards, 2003. WEAR: This ethereal, retro look is perfect. Everything just works from the sleek updo to the glowing skin and soft wash of color over the lids.

WHO: Charlize Theron. WHAT: 76th Annual Academy Awards, 2004. WEAR: Charlize was giving sun-kissed glamazon with this look and we are still living for it.

WHO: Gwyneth Paltrow. WHAT: 77th Annual Academy Awards, 2005. WEAR: Yes, volume! Yes, glow!

WHO: Reese Witherspoon. WHAT: 79th Annual Academy Awards, 2007. WEAR: This shot of Reese’s flushed, glowy skin and wind-swept, brow-grazing fringes is straight up art.

WHO: Beyoncé. WHAT: 79th Annual Academy Awards, 2007. WEAR: Beyoncé doesn’t always turn up at the Oscars, but she turns out an incredible beauty look like this one when she does. That honey-brown hair color? Just yes.

WHO: Kate Winslet. WHAT: 81st Annual Academy Awards, 2009. WEAR: This look is so regal. Princess Grace would be proud.

WHO: Meryl Streep. WHAT: 82nd Annual Academy Awards, 2010. WEAR: Queen Meryl can do no wrong, but this flowy updo was an especially glorious beauty moment for her.

WHO: Angelina Jolie . WHAT: 84th Annual Academy Awards, 2012. WEAR: It’s the red lip, for us.

WHO: Penelope Cruz. WHAT: 84th Annual Academy Awards, 2012. WEAR: This look fires on all cylinders. The dreamy, old Hollywood hair pairs so well with the shimmery eye shadow and dramatic lashes.

WHO: Viola Davis. WHAT: 84th Annual Academy Awards, 2012. WEAR: Now, here’s an absolute goddess is we ever saw one. The shimmery green eye shadow is one thing, but the copper-colored coils are next level.

WHO: Catherine Zeta-Jones . WHAT: 85th Annual Academy Awards, 2013. WEAR: Those shiny, luscious locks are truly something to write home about. And don’t even get us started on her flawless skin.

WHO: Anne Hathaway. WHAT: 85th Annual Academy Awards, 2013. WEAR: We can always count on Anne for mega-volumized lashes and a pop of color on the lips, but it’s the perfectly coifed pixie cut that has been sending us since we first saw it in 2013.

WHO: Lupita Nyong’o. WHAT: 86th Annual Academy Awards, 2014. WEAR: Lupita could show up sans makeup and still take our breath away, but we have to say this subtle eye makeup and pink lip situation is one for the books.

WHO: Angelina Jolie. WHAT: 86th Annual Academy Awards, 2014. WEAR: This classic makeup look delivers the perfect amount of drama from the sultry, smudged-out eyeliner to the glossy lips.

WHO: Zendaya. WHAT: 87th Annual Academy Awards, 2015. WEAR: Everything about this look is absolutely stunning, but those faux locs are our favorite part. 

WHO: Nicole Kidman. WHAT: 89th Annual Academy Awards, 2017. WEAR: Nicole is forever proving that red lips and cool skin tones go together like peanut butter and jelly.

WHO: Halle Berry. WHAT: 89th Annual Academy Awards, 2017. WEAR: Halle snapped with those perfectly tousled curls and warm, bronze makeup.

WHO: Jennifer Lawrence. WHAT: 90th Annual Academy Awards, 2018. WEAR: We can’t decide which part of this look is more gorgeous; the smoky eye makeup or the beachy waves.

WHO: Regina King. WHAT: 91st Annual Academy Awards, 2019. WEAR: A wavy bob is always a good idea.

WHO: Lady Gaga. WHAT: 91st Annual Academy Awards, 2019. WEAR: It wasn’t all that long ago that Lady Gaga blessed us with this sleek, ultra-glam updo to accept her very first Academy Award.

WHO: Janelle Monae. WHAT: 92nd Annual Academy Awards, 2020. WEAR: It just doesn’t get much better than this stunning look. The sparkly hooded gown is a statement on its own, but the bold lips and lashes offer yet another wow moment.

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