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Fix a fashion hangover: post-party clothing care from spills to cigarette smells | Fashion

At the end of November, my mum asked me to help her get the nativity scene out of the attic. It was uncharacteristically early for her to set it up, but given the two years we’ve all experienced, I understood her desire for the year to be finished and the holidays to arrive.

And now here we are, deep in a strange festive season, where party invitations are dependent on producing a negative rapid antigen test.

The threat of catching Covid aside, parties can be hazardous places, especially for our clothes. From less-than socially distanced dancefloors to cigarette smoke and spilt drinks – this week we ask some experts how to care for your outfit, once the revelry is over.

Give them some air

No matter how tempting it may be, Chloe Naughton, the program director for Melbourne Fashion festival, says “the worst thing you can do is take

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8 Celebrity Fashion Trends That Took Off This Year

If you’re ever wondering what the next big fashion trend is going to be, you can always look to the runways and your favorite celebrities. Often, the two work hand-in-hand, as stars are often the first to get their hands on new designer pieces. Whether they were wearing a fresh new coat, jean, or footwear silhouette, stars set the sartorial standard this year. This year, it was all about chic comfort. 

Stars like Rihanna and Billie Eilish rocked elevated puffer coats seen on the runways at Balmain and Rick Owens, while Katie Holmes and Hailey Bieber were on board with baggy jeans similar to those from Balenciaga and Chanel (goodbye, pin-thin denim!). For accessories, it was all about making a statement and dressing up. Pop stars like Ariana Grande and Olivia Rodrigo loved sky-high platforms for their performances (Saint Laurent, Versace, and Marc Jacobs have shown similar styles), while Kim

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Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2022 Collection | Vogue

But back to the content. Designing as if in a time warp threw up lots of philosophical questions about the pace of fashion, he said. “We were coming up with things in the studio that could have been 30 years ago, but they look just as good today. We think fashion changes really fast, but does it, actually?” All that black, for a start: It may have been the subversive uniform of the ’90s, but it’s also a signifier of Cristóbal Balenciaga’s ultra-elevated haute couture. Cutting silhouettes in black (“it’s my favorite color,” said Demna), he ranged through the wardrobe gamut: bell-shaped puffer coats; fiercely stark tailoring; slouchy pants; elegant cape-trailing dresses; a long, and a chic, T-shirt dress that might have come straight out of a minimalist fashion shoot.

Result: Balenciaga may be at the pinnacle of today’s hottest and trendiest fashion brands, but it’s also squaring the circle

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How the ‘beauty of fluidity’ went mainstream in fashion

Gender-neutral clothing has a long history. Across the world and the millennia, items such as tunics and togas, kimonos and sarongs, have been worn by both sexes. Momo Amjad of The Future Laboratory – a strategic foresight consultancy based in London – cites several examples of third-gender communities with a long past. Among them are the traditional Māhū people in Native Hawaiian and Tahitian cultures, the pan-gender roles of nádleehi people in the Navajo Nation, and the eunuchs, intersex people, asexual or transgender people known as the Hijra across South Asia.  

“Clothing was not always split along gender lines,” explains Stevenson. “In feudal England, fashion followed class status and land tenure. Male and female dress across class stratifications was very similar. It was only through the breakdown of feudal society into a market society – where men started to dominate the workforce – that clothing shifted into male and female

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This Memphis African fashion shop grew from a woman’s yen for empowerment

There was a time when Grace Byeitima, owner of Mbabazi House of Style, was interested in lawyering, not pattern layouts.

But her mother forced her to learn about the latter.

“I wanted to be a lawyer,” said Byeitima, who is from Kampala, Uganda. “My mother was a teacher in a vocational training institute, and she made me go where she was teaching and learn how to sew.

“I went grudgingly, but I went anyway.”

Yet today Byeitima, 43, who has sold African-inspired garments, jewelry and other knickknacks from her shop in the Broad Avenue Arts District since 2017, is grateful that her mother insisted that she learn how to sew.

Grace Byeitima, owner of Mbabazi House of Style, poses for a portrait, Friday, Dec. 3, 2021, in Memphis, TN.

That’s because it not only has allowed her to craft a life of independence for herself, but for other women who want to use entrepreneurship to escape jobs which devalue them.

Which is what Byeitima aimed to do back

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Why schlubby Adam Sandler is 2021’s most-Googled style star

Call him Snappy Gilmore.

In a class of his very own, Adam Sandler’s shabby chic vibe has earned him top billing as Google’s top trending celebrity style star of 2021 — and fashion aficionados are floored by the findings. 

“He’s the ultimate ‘f—k you’ of fashion,” style expert Robert Verdi told The Post of the “Click” actor’s unapologetically unfussy flair. “He looks like he’s on his way to rehab, but people love it because it’s authentic.”

Sandler, 55, best known for sporting supersized sport shorts and untucked tees, bested the likes of pop powerhouses Britney Spears (No. 2), Harry Styles (No. 6) and Lizzo (No. 9) in Google’s “celebrity outfits” search category.

Verdi believes Sandler’s extremely casual streetwear is becoming more trendy because that’s how everyone dressed during the peak of the pandemic, calling his exposed gloves-and-mask look “meth-maker chic.”

And Verdi — a stylist who once

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Y2K, Skinny Jeans and Harry Styles Among the Top Trending Fashion Searches on Google in 2021

Nothing gets at the breadth of the topics, questions and figures that were on our minds any given year than Google’s annual ranking of top trending searches, which covers everything from news to celebrities to the questions big and small we type into our browsers in a quest for answers — how to style, how to pronounce, how to be.

The 2021 Year in Search report dropped on Wednesday, highlighting the words, names and phrases that got “a high spike in traffic over a sustained period in 2021, as compared to 2020,” per a Google spokesperson. Some of the results for fashion-adjacent categories aren’t that surprising, when you think about the Topics of the Day online we engaged with throughout the year (Harry Styles’ outfits as he embarked on tour, for example, or wondering if skinny jeans were coming back); others reflect our ever-growing interest in

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How Thom Browne Assembled the Coolest Clique in Fashion

Lil Uzi Vert, Whoopi Goldberg, and Alan Kim—yes, the cute kid from Minari—walk into a room. This isn’t the start of what would no doubt be an incredible joke; it’s just a Thursday afternoon in early October at Thom Browne’s flagship, in Lower Manhattan. That unlikely trio is joined by a handful of other wildly disparate luminaries: actors Lee Pace and Charles Melton, artists Amy Sherald and Anh Duong, and Portland rapper Aminé. All of them are draped in some variation of Browne’s meticulous gray flannel suiting—some in pants, some in shorts, some in kilts, Whoopi cocooned in a breathtaking floral cape. They’re all here as card-carrying members of the coolest clique in fashion right now: Team Thom Browne.

“I wear Thom Browne every day,” Uzi says, with a neon-lit space helmet—the trademark of his new pseudonym, AstroCat—cocked back on his head. “It makes me feel more than unique.

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The 8 Best Fall Fashion Trends For 2021 Are Already in Your Closet

Sometimes, it’s simply an impulse decision. We see a cute pair of shoes on our favorite celebrity, and suddenly, we’re Googling things like “chunky green boots” in hopes of finding our own. Or we click into some super random roundup and spot the most gorgeous dress, which causes us to lose all control and add to cart — and don’t get us started on seasonal shopping. Every few months, fashion bestows upon us a new crop of trends we feel pressured to purchase, lest we look behind the times. Well, for Fall 2021, we’re calling for an opposite strategy: Want to dress like the future? Look back into your own closet first.

In news that’s great for your wallet, we’ve discovered that eight of today’s top trends — aka styles we saw all over over the Fall 2021 runways — are items that many of us have already invested in.

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Annie Leibovitz Celebrates Her First-Ever Fashion Book with Her Friends at Vogue and Vanity Fair

To say this week is an exciting one for the fashion industry would be an understatement. There is much to celebrate, and high on that list is the release of the book Annie Leibovitz: Wonderland (Phaidon) which was the reason that a notable group gathered at Hauser & Wirth’s pop-up show at Studio 525 in Chelsea yesterday afternoon.

Though you’d think it wasn’t so, this is the photographer’s first-ever collection of fashion images; she wanted to save them all for something special, as she states in the book.

“This is Annie’s first book that celebrates fashion and fashion imagery. And it’s a relationship that we at Vogue and at Vanity Fair have been so incredibly in awe to witness and to see develop,” said Anna Wintour to the crowd at the book launch. “No matter the shoot, Annie has the most miraculous way of creating an image that so perfectly

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