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The Best Fashion Moments of Hailey Bieber

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a celebrity as devoted to the street style game as Hailey Bieber. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, the model continues to churn out one bomb look after another, highlighting buzzy brands and cementing her status as the paparazzi’s ultimate muse. With the help of stylist and longtime friend Maeve Reilly, Hailey has accrued an impressive sartorial portfolio.

As documented by @haileybiebercloset on Instagram, Bieber has become somewhat of a street style fixture over the years. Whether she’s dressing up a cozy sweat suit with a tailored coat or fully decked out in a slinky dress, the model is almost always wearing a pair of FEMME’s lace-up sandals with any one of Daniel Lee’s colorful pouches from Bottega Veneta in hand. The YouTube star plays with outfit proportions by carefully styling oversized jackets with skinny separates, all while staying true to

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Antique Fashion: Interesting Gloves and Accessories to Collect and Wear | Antique Information & History Education

Wearing gloves has gone in and out of fashion for centuries. It has been several decades since wearing gloves was an everyday “must” for fashion conscious 20th-century and 21st-century women. But, guess what? Your mother’s gloves are making a comeback as collectible and wearable. Even a current website blogger, “The Closet Historian,” is all about collecting and wearing gloves.

During their 20th-century popularity, gloves were made for every occasion from lunch to cocktail time and restaurant dining, weddings and funerals. Their materials included cotton, silk and leather. Many were crocheted by manufacturers or individual women. There were also gloves made for men, of quality leather.

The popularity of the newly invented automobile in the early 20th century and the growing interest in sports events resulted in specialty gloves. That was when the “glove compartment “ was invented. Women’s gloves were made of goat skin. Men’s were made of dog skins.

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Hawaiʻi Fashion Designer Prepares to Hit the Runway at New York Fashion Week

A Waimea fashion designer has scored a prestigious invite to this year’s New York Fashion Week.

New York City is familiar to Kumu Hula Micah Kamohoaliʻi. He did a show at the New York Botanical Garden three years ago, where he also made connections to bring his fashion to the Big Apple.

His label, Dezigns by Kamohoaliʻi, is recognizable for its traditional roots — he comes from a long lineage of kapa makers.

Kamohoaliʻi has been invited to this year’s New York Fashion Week at the Runway 7 Fashion showcase. His designs, including last year’s Grammy dress worn by his cousin Amy Hanaialiʻi, hit the runway at Sony Hall near Times Square on Sept. 9.

Courtesy of Micah Kamohoaliʻi

Amy Hanaialiʻi at the 62nd Grammy Awards on January 26, 2020

The Conversation caught up with the busy fashion designer as he prepared for the big trip.

“It’s all just

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Fast fashion brands boost pollution of Africa’s rivers: Report

According to a report published on Tuesday, popular fast fashion brands could be causing pollution that has dyed some rivers in Africa blue or turned their waters as alkaline as bleach.

Water Witness International’s (WWI) report featured the polluted rivers in Lesotho in southern Africa and Tanzania to highlight the risks posed as global brands increasingly source garments from contractors in Africa, attracted by cheap labor and tax incentives.

Global brands could force better practices, but so far their presence in Africa has done little to stem rife pollution, water hoarding by contracting factories or even ensure adequate water and sanitation for factory staff, Nick Hepworth, director of WWI and author of the report, said.

“The flip side is that (fast fashion) could be a force for change,” he continued, but brands and investors needed to take the lead.

In Lesotho, researchers found a river visibly polluted with blue dye

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Fashion And Tech Join Forces To Create A Dress That Signals When People Get Too Close

Would you wear a dress that signals to people that they’re standing too close to you?

Or how about a shirt that changes color when it senses a change in your mood?

Those are actual creations Dutch fashion designer and engineer Anouk Wipprecht has been working on for 20 years.

Her distinctive “fashion tech” designs combine couture, interactive technology and artificial intelligence.

“So, on a day I am coding and designing, I am sewing and anything and everything that has to do with the body and technology and electronics,” Wipprecht told Morning Edition.

How it started

Growing up in the Netherlands, she was influenced by American culture after watching MTV in the 90s.

“I was really fascinated by the notion that the people really express themselves through basically the things that they wear,” she remembers.

When she was 14 years old, she started making women’s clothing. By 17, while in

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Garden of Elements fashion show debuts in Shreveport, Aug. 21

“Garden of Elements” fashion show designers were tasked to present collections themed around the four elements of nature: earth, air, fire, water, and the accent theme, time. Each piece will showcase the designers’ interpretation of the theme and essence of the elements, showcased by the runway models.

The original fashions created by regional designers will be showcased in a fashion show this month. 

ALH Modeling, LLC will host its inaugural fashion show, “Garden of Elements” from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Aug. 21 at the Asian Gardens, located at 800 Texas Ave. in downtown Shreveport.

The evening will begin with a cocktail hour leading into the preshow presentation then the fashion show. 

“Garden of Elements” designers are Tiffany Wright Designs, Little Fashion Guy (Dallas, Texas), Make it Nasty LLC (Arlington, Texas), Javan Hidaka (Arlington, Texas), Jaylon Richard (Shreveport), Michael Anthony (Minden), Dadrian Ruiz (Dallas, Texas) and V. Lynn Creations (Gary,

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Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022 Street Style: Photos

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Fashion month has begun and Copenhagen’s top taste-makers are kicking things off strong. Who knew my inspo mood board would already be flooded with so many good looks?! If I’m learning anything from Denmark’s most fashionable men and women, it’s that color is not to be ignored this season, and these Copenhagen SS21 street style looks are proof. Go bright or go home!

Of course, not everyone was wearing color. There were tons of gorgeous monochrome neutrals, a healthy dose of black leather and, of course, a myriad of blazers and trench coats, proving minimalism can still make waves—but maximalist colorways reigned supreme.

While we saw few of the eyesore prints that have been trending for the last six months, the ultra-playful color schemes seem to have stood the test of time. In particular, Kelly green, hot pink and orange reigned supreme, plus a

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How To Brighten And Even Skin Tone Naturally

It can absorb up to one thousand times its weight. Apply a leave-in conditioner after you towel dry your hair, then apply Extra Virgin oil or a sealant oil of your choice to seal in moisture.

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One of the first things agencies look at when considering a new model is his or her skin. Born in England in 1825 he established his fashion house in Paris in 1858. Worth’s talent lay in the adaptation of 19th-century dress into something more suitable for everyday life. In addition to this, he was the first couturier whose dresses were recognizably the work of their creator. Over the years, there have been many cool hairstyles for men. From the buzz fade to the disconnected undercut, these hairstyles are trendy, modern, and effortlessly chic. As contemporary styles evolve and new fashion trends emerge, some men hairstyles have adamantly stood the test … Read the rest

Eight Top Trends From Copenhagen Fashion Week

Fashion folk came, they saw, and Copenhagen Fashion Week conquered the return to IRL shows at the city’s hybrid event. The Danish Fashion Institute, under the direction of Cecilie Thorsmark, has prioritized sustainability during the week-long shows. Besides sourcing their materials with care, many designers went back to nature—literally, staging outdoor shows in inventive locations all over the city. These included an old balloon hangar (Henrik Vibskov), the artificial ski slope known as CopenHill (Ganni), and Arne Jacobsen’s former home (Saks Potts), among others. With the threat of the Delta variant ever present and mask-wearing not mandated in Denmark, fresh-air shows felt less worrisome than indoor ones.

Of course location doesn’t count for much if the clothes don’t deliver. Suiting was a major component of Scandi-chic pre-pandemic, and it was amazing to see how quickly designers returned to tailoring. Knit pant sets offer an alternative to sweats, and elements from

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‘Battleborn,’ ‘Marseille’

Mr. Elie Saab designed the lace ivory gown, embroidered with silver thread leaves, three-quarter length sleeves, and an ivory silk tulle veil embroidered with silver thread leaves.

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Long hairstyles are always gives a gorgeous look and improves the personality. To style this cut at home I suggest a mousse for blowdrying that will give your body and hold – I’m a big fan of Mousse Bouffant by Kerestase. I also suggest a texture product and heat protectant for beach waves. I love Nectar Thermique by Kerastase and Texture Wave by Shu Uemura. My favorite thing about this short cut is that it’s a really playful short hair cut and style. Long pixie cuts can be very versatile, giving you lots of different ways to wear it. After washing off the foam, you can see that not all the Stila pencil eyeliner was fully washed … Read the rest