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We’re In Our 20s, And Here’s Where We Shop The Most

Your 20s is one of the most pivotal life stages. It feels like we’re all just trying to survive and figure things out–whether you’re fresh out of college or simply looking to find out what you want from life. This uncertainty also translates majorly into the fashion choices we make in our 20s: at the age of 28 I’ve tried my fair share of experimental styles and trends, it would probably make your head spin. As I grow older, I’m still always fine-tuning and switching up my personal style.  Nearing ever so closer to the big 30, I’ve learned a lot about which places hit the sweet spot of being affordable, on-trend, and with great quality. As much as I’d love to splurge on the latest Prada bag or Cartier bracelet, the reality is I have student loans to tend to, which is why it shouldn’t surprise you that many
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A White T-Shirt Is My Holy Grail of Basics–Here are The Styles I Wear The Most

Minimalism isn’t necessarily a term I’d use to describe my style, however, for all my love of dramatic trends I can never turn down quality basics. A steady arsenal of reliable wardrobe staples just makes getting dressed that much easier, and once I find ones that I love I make sure to stock up in multiples. Easily the basic I sartorially lean on the most is a simple white t-shirt. It’s a big part of my daily spring uniform of jeans and a blazer, but of course, it’s also handy for layering underneath the multitude of sweater vests and cardigans I own.

I get so many questions asking which white t-shirts rise above the others, and today, I’m laying out the brands and styles that have carved out a permanent place in my closet. While there are so many shapes and necklines to choose from–boxy to form-fitting, and v-neck to … Read the rest

I’m A Curvy Girl and These Jeans Will Hug You In All The Right Places

While online shopping is a welcomed convenience, it’s a fact that some things are just harder to buy without trying them in real life. Denim jeans certainly exist within that category. Add in the complexity of various silhouettes, cuts, and shapes, and the diversity of body types–jeans shopping suddenly feels more like a scientific endeavor. If you’re someone with a pear shape or just curvier on the bottom in general, there’s a slew of extra factors to consider just to find ones that fit.

As someone with a bigger butt and a smaller waist, it felt like a never-ending search before I found pairs that hugged my curves without feeling stifled. I’ve tried on more pairs of denim jeans than I’d like to admit, but now my denim collection is pretty robust thanks to constant rounds of trial and error. Of course, shopping in person maybe a little precarious these … Read the rest

I Rebuilt My Entire Underwear Collection–Here Are The Pairs I’m Buying

It’s sad to admit, but I truly neglected my underwear collection all 2020. With loungewear firmly dominating last year, all of my fancy dresses and pants were sort of shoved to the back of the closet, and suddenly intricate lingerie didn’t feel like much of a priority. But as we all know, good underwear is the workhorse of any wardrobe, and I’m looking to redeem myself here in 2021.

In the spirit of January’s unofficial motto of “new year, new me” I decided to do a full-on purge of my lingerie drawer, and rebuild my collection of panties from scratch. Fortunately, revamping was as simple as clicking over to Amazon, Nordstrom, and Target for a quick browse. If you’re like me, you have different underwear for different occasions; thongs and seamless styles to avoid visible panty lines, pretty panties to feel fancy, and cotton or full coverage briefs for when … Read the rest

Air-Dry Your Hair Like This, and People Will Think You Spent $200 at the Salon

Regardless of your hair type—coily, thick and wavy, fine and short—mastering the art of the perfect air-dry is, in fact, an art. Sure, blow-dryers, straighteners, and curling irons can throw plenty of arm-breaking curveballs your way, but mastering the au naturel, step-out-of-the-shower-and-go aesthetic is an intimidating beast in and of itself. With so many potential variables like climate, products, application timing, and hair texture, things can go awry quickly, and there definitely isn’t a one-size-fits-all prescription.

Air-drying your hair with celeb-level finesse can be a total crapshoot, but we’re here to change that. Enter a course in Expert Air-Drying 101, courtesy of one of the best hairstylists in the industry, Cynthia Alvarez. 

Working with clients with a wide variety of lengths and textures (her regulars include Shakira, Maye Musk, and Dascha Polanco), Alvarez knows a thing or two about styling every kind of strand situation—with or without tools. To stock … Read the rest

The Classic Red Swimsuit I'll Never Ditch and 23 More I Found Just For You

As we move closer to summer (and closer to actually having a summer this year), it’s really only a matter of time until we see a bunch of new swimsuit trends burst on the scene. While I’m sure I’ll be adding a few new styles to my own closet (and therefore ditching a few older ones), there’s one particular swimsuit I own that I won’t be purging from my closet this year, next year, or hopefully for many years to come.

It’s a classic one-piece, The C suit from Candice Swanepoel’s Tropic of C line, in a bright cherry red hue that, to me, feels especially timeless. Maybe Baywatch was onto something after all, because the more I reach for this suit, the more I’m convinced that red is one of the most classic colors you can go for in swimwear. It’s not just once-pieces like mine but string bikinis … Read the rest

This $27 Serum Has Officially Replaced My Spendy Favorites

Being an editor in the beauty world for over eight years has meant skincare plays a big role in my life. Over the last year of hardly seeing anyone or doing anything, it essentially became my best friend and fourth roommate. (If I’m including my dog, which obviously I am.) My relatively low-key five-to-six-step routine graduated to 10 to 11 steps. I’ve tried weird masks and tools and regularly swap my eye creams and serums just because I can. Waking up has become exhilarating: Am I going to be looking at a red and blotchy complexion or something more glowy and bright? The suspense and excitement of it all keep me going… and trying a lot of products.

One of my more recent ventures includes the new Bliss Bright Idea Vitamin C + Tri-Peptide Collagen Protecting & Brightening Serum ($25). I’ve been using it for about two weeks, morning and … Read the rest

7 Sustainable Swimsuits You Can Feel Good About (And the Brands That Make Them)

Lately, I’ve been thinking hard about the impact of my clothing choices. Sure, I still love anything with great design and an affordable price-point, but if the designs on the market today taught me anything, it’s that I don’t have to compromise on style to buy items that are also a little bit gentler on the environment. More and more it feels like other consumers are thinking the same, and every day it seems like a new crop of sustainably focused brands pop up with a number of them focused on eco-friendly swimwear.  

Since we can practically taste summer at this point (trust us, it’s close!), I’ve been searching for the perfect classic one-piece along with more trend-forward bikinis that I can wear all season long– and you can believe that sustainability ranks as a top priority. In my search for the best swimwear, I’ve also come across 7 wonderful … Read the rest

This Underwear Trend Is Quickly Dying

Hey, don’t roll your eyes just yet—underwear goes through trend cycles just like the rest of the ready-to-wear world, and we have a lingerie expert here to prove it. I don’t know about you, but lingerie fascinates me, as it’s an article of clothing basically everyone wears but never really talks about. It’s not necessarily taboo, but since it’s rarely seen, it goes undiscussed. If you’re someone who takes great pride and joy in your negligee drawer, this is quite disappointing.

Clearly, we’re about to talk in great detail about summer lingerie trends—summer underwear trends to be specific. We reached out to an expert on the matter to give us the 411 on which underwear styles are on the rise, and more importantly, which are quickly dying. Read on as Sandra Rose, VP of merchandising and brand at Journelle (one of the best lingerie destinations, if you ask me), spills … Read the rest

Why I'm a Big Fan of Botox (Plus 15 Skin Products I Love, Too)

The Lineup is a monthly series where we’re giving you an inside peek at the beauty lineups of cool fashion people, editors, makeup artists, hairstylists, and estheticians—all the people we trust the most. Get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at all the can’t-live-without products that make their worlds go round.

Like it or not, Teni Panosian—beauty influencer, YouTuber, and founder of Monday Born—thinks we’re finally in a place where we don’t need to whisper about Botox anymore. “When used conservatively, it’s one of the best treatments to keep deep lines from forming in your skin. It doesn’t change your face, it helps preserve your skin’s form,” says Panosian, who has been getting it since she was 28. The 36-year-old multi-hyphenate doesn’t just rely on fancy treatments, though; she’s been a skincare and makeup fan for much of her life, often spending hours at her local Sephora reading product labels and … Read the rest