While online shopping is a welcomed convenience, it’s a fact that some things are just harder to buy without trying them in real life. Denim jeans certainly exist within that category. Add in the complexity of various silhouettes, cuts, and shapes, and the diversity of body types–jeans shopping suddenly feels more like a scientific endeavor. If you’re someone with a pear shape or just curvier on the bottom in general, there’s a slew of extra factors to consider just to find ones that fit.

As someone with a bigger butt and a smaller waist, it felt like a never-ending search before I found pairs that hugged my curves without feeling stifled. I’ve tried on more pairs of denim jeans than I’d like to admit, but now my denim collection is pretty robust thanks to constant rounds of trial and error. Of course, shopping in person maybe a little precarious these days, so I’m sharing the knowledge with you. Today, I’m showcasing some of the best jeans I’ve personally come across thus far for bigger butts, breaking down each of my favorites by silhouette. From timeless skinny jeans to recent trending shapes, read ahead to shop all of the pairs I think you should be buying now.

For years I had warded off skinnies until these came along. And they’re everything I could ask for–stretchy, flattering, and generous in the hips and butt region.

I’m a huge fan of Warp+Weft for its affordability, inclusive sizing, and diverse selection of styles. These are skinny without feeling too tight around the ankles so I call them my anti-skinny, skinny jeans.

AYR Jeans always have the perfect amount of stretch, and these are no different. They’re truly so comfortable and super lightweight.

I’ve been wearing MOTHER denim for over a decade and this style, in particular, is one of my top choices. Its forgiving stretchy fit really frames my body in the best way possible.

Right now I don’t wear a ton of skinny jeans (I’m heavy into the wide-leg universe at the moment), but if I do have to wear them, I turn to this pair. The best feature about these is how generously high-waisted they are without any loose gaps around the waist.

I’m really devoting myself to the baggy silhouette this season, and these have been getting a lot of replay because they cling so well around my waist in a flattering fit.

Most Good American jeans are made with curvy shapes in mind, so these are a no-brainer if you’re looking to jump into the trend.

Rigid denim is usually not so curve-friendly (you have to size up so much) but this pair is the exception.

Two years ago I randomly bought a pair of Mango wide-leg jeans on sale, and honestly, I was wholeheartedly expecting not to like them–boy was I wrong. They’ve been everywhere with me since, from trips to Paris and Italy, and all across the country. 

Agolde has stellar recommendations from my coworkers, so of course, I was anxious to try the brand out for myself. These are rigid (which I typically avoid as they can be too restricting for curves) but a word of advice? Size up and they’re the perfect amount of room. This pair also runs a bit big.

The panelling is insane and really complimentary for a pear shape.

These are my everyday jeans, and they’re so good I try to stock up.

What’s great about these is the vintage-looking wash, but without the stiffness that usually comes with vintage, old-school denim.

Hudson ranks high on my list of denim brands–they’re a bit pricey but guaranteed you’ll have them forever. With a mid-rise fit, the Nico is a straight-to-the-point, essential that goes with everything.

Everyone has their go-to Levi’s style, and these are mine. The wedgie is just a superb fit for curvy shapes as it’s slimmer in the waist with ample room for your hips and butt. There’s the tiniest amount of stretch which goes a long way for a hugging effect.

Made with curvy shapes in mind, these fit like your favorite pair of vintage jeans.

If you’re on the hunt for curve-friendly jeans under $100, these are a worthy pick.

Another favorite brand of mine, DL1961 has some of the best wide-leg jeans on the market. I love how this pair creates the illusion of longer legs. A little distressing on the hem adds a subtle edge.

What separates this pair from the others is the plentiful amount of stretch in the form of spandex. It really does hug every curve of your body, almost like the most comfortable pair of leggings.

I bring these out for all of my casual “fancy” occasions. They look amazing with going-out tops.

In the winter and fall, a cropped fit really comes in handy for higher shaft boots. They also look great with elaborate strappy sandals or mules in the spring and summer.

Coming up, I’m Ditching My Sweatsuits For These Equally Comfortable Matching Sets.

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