Single-game passing record?


Captured Bengals’ first playoff win in 31 years?


Advocate for ending hunger in his hometown? 


Fashion icon? 

Joe Burrow has checked a lot of the boxes you’d want and expect out of your starting quarterback on and off the field already in just his second season after being drafted with the league’s first overall pick.

But while the young face of the franchise has proven himself on the gridiron so far, he’s also become a bit of a celebrity off the field with his social media-igniting commentary and his unique fashion sense. 

Here is a look back at some of Burrow’s most memorable outfits since becoming a Bengal. 

Burrow ‘Buffs’

After the Bengals defeated the Raiders in an AFC wild-card matchup to end a 31-year playoff drought that has held the fanbase captive in misery, Burrow descended upon the post-game press conference with a swagger that blew up social media. Donning Cartier shades, commonly referred to as “Buffs,” a name popular in the Detroit hip-hop scene, Burrow was asked if there was any “significance” to his glasses after the big win. 

“Oh, no,” he answered while chuckling, “I just think they’re pretty cool, what do you think?”

Capitalizing on the attention it received online, Cincy Shirts created a Warhol-style shirt of Burrow wearing the glasses available for purchase called “Joey Warhol.” 

Skyline Chili even jumped in, tweeting an image of two cheese coneys wearing those classy shades.

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