Man Lost A N34M Bet, Lands In A Casket With His Bet Slips After Committing Suicide

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Inside life, betting is never for the faint heart, it pains sha but just consider it a bad day and move on surely you will get over it.

I know the feelings it pains more than anything but that’s when you need to apply your strong heart.


I still can’t forget the day I lost a 5mil bet with only one game remaining and what pained me was that it was the game with less risk because those guys used to pour in goals like water so it was over 1.5 with least odds 1.20 while the ones with higher chances of cutting odds like 1.80,2.3,1.60, etc entered na the one i expected least cut am and the one that pained me most was that those idiots scored the first goal in 26th minutes of the game so I already considered myself a 5mil Richer but to my doom and nightmare this game ended 1:0.

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It was like a dream and I felt useless and dejected. I cursed God and swore never to believe in God again but all out of frustration. you know what i did?

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I just went out and had a lot of drinks and got drunk went home and slept off still woke up with the pains especially when I remembered what 5mil can do for me.

Las las I still dey alright

Say no to gambling.

if you must play, do it for fun and never put your hopes in it, game wey go enter go enter if e go cut nothing go stop am.

Rip young man



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