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A modern shag is a great way to fake volume as all the texturing adds life even to the most lifeless hair. Also, you will get to look the most appealing with this hair for any function.

fox eye makeup on hooded eyes

Whether you color it, cut it, toss it or chew it, you’re sending out a message. Haute couture is positioned at the top of the hierarchy. It is the most expensive and it reaches out to a very small market. You usually have to be either very rich, a royal or have the status of Kim K to wear haute couture.┬áHaute couture houses are the major fashion houses in the world, run by internationally famous designers such as Chanel, Prada and Alexander McQueen. streetnaija It is made to order which means it is customised pacifically to each client, therefore the great thing about haute couture is … Read the rest