Revlon has been a makeup institution for decades. Since 1932 to be exact. Chances are you’ve probably used one or two (or more ) of the brand’s products, and you might even have some in your makeup bag right now. I’m pretty sure one of my first lipsticks was a classic Revlon tube. I distinctly remember feeling very grown-up using the black and gold tube. Or maybe you have one of the brand’s hair tools. If you haven’t heard of the cult-favorite hair dryer brush, you should look into it. According to some of our editors, it’s a life-changing styling tool.

Another thing that the brand does well is its nail polish selection. In fact, it was the first to introduce the idea of matching your nail color and lipstick, who knew?! The color range is extensive and the formulas are long-lasting. Not to mention they’re at a good price point, too. The brand even told us the artist Frida Kahlo was a fan and wore shades called Frosted Pink Lightning and Raven Red.

Well, if it’s good enough for Frida, then it’s good enough for us. We recently asked Revlon to share some of the brand’s best-selling polishes with us, and we were surprised that one color seemed to rule all. See the results below.

Cherries in the Snow is the oldest shade in the collection, as it launched in 1953. Revlon told us it continues to be on its top 20 best-selling nail shades list.

This silvery-white is another best seller in Revlon’s Super Lustrous Nail Enamel collection.

The popularity of this deep red is another one that doesn’t surprise us. A dark red is always in style.

Yes, here’s another red. This time it’s a brighter option. The Gel Envy line is exactly what its name suggests: salon-worthy polishes that are extra shiny and long-lasting.

Are you sensing a theme here? Queen of Hearts does veer towards burgundy territory, though. The glossy gel formula is also infused with shea butter and oils for conditioning benefits.

The Ultra HD Snap! collection are the latest launches from the brand. They’re quick-drying, vegan, and 20-free. This olive-green shade is already a best seller.

Of course, there has to be a shade in neutral territory on any best-selling list. This subtle pink hue pretty much goes with anything.

In my opinion, everyone needs a nude, barely there polish. Trust me—it will be a go-to.

A moody dark blue can be an alternative to your classic black manicure.

Warm weather is here, so it’s time to get on the bright nail polish train. This orangey shade is just so happy.

For a metallic option, this shimmery copper shade is fun and festive.

Bubblegum pink is just a happy color that feels perfect for spring and summer.

Black is one of those shades that belongs in every nail-polish collection.

Use this tool to clean up nails and take care of your cuticles before you apply polish.

This compact clipper makes nail trimming a breeze. It has curved blades for safety and contoured handles for a firm grip.

Shape, buff, and smooth nails with this multipurpose tool. It has four different surface types so you can personalize your mani to exactly your preferences.

This one’s a must for your pedicures. It’s extra strong, so it will work on the toughest nails.

You’ve got everything you need for an at-home manicure right here: a cuticle trimmer, a nail clipper, an emery file, and a buffer.

For a longer-lasting manicure, you’re going to need a topcoat. This one leaves an extra-glossy finish. Next: I’ve Saved Almost $500 Over the Last Few Months With This At-Home Nail Kit

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