Despite giving covers to first-timers like Lucan Gillespie and Iman, we have a feeling Lydia Slater is about to recycle a whole batch of British Harper’s Bazaar cover stars. (If last month’s cover with Carey Mulligan is any indication.) Now Vanessa Kirby reappears on the publication for April 2021 three years after her last appearance. In stark contrast to Vanessa’s previous cover shoot, the actress strips it all back giving us “spring chic” with a little help from stylist Cathy Kasterine. In the laid-back cover shot captured by Josh Shinner, Vanessa wears a silk and mohair cardigan from Celine.


The cover soon caught the attention of our forum members. “She’s simply too gorgeous that there are no gimmicks needed. Love the laid-back, easy glamour of this cover. Especially paired with the pastels. Overall, it makes more of a statement than the March one really,” voiced Benn98.

“Easy but refined,” described FashionMuseDior.

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“It’s like a breath of fresh Vanessa Kirby air after the disaster that was W. The casual styling is giving me a little quarantine shot-at-home vibes, but overall it’s lovely. Better than her American Harper’s Bazaar cover for sure! Would love to see her on Vogue soon,” added aracic.

Not everyone, however, was sold on the outcome. “The cover is not that bad, but also not that good. I look at it and think that Vanessa is so gorgeous that she saves the shot, but at the same time that this is a wasted opportunity considering her beauty and her charismatic presence,” wrote a slightly underwhelmed apple.

“Those lashes terrify me!” exclaimed slayage. “The shot is also so pedestrian, it doesn’t ooze fashion and the pose is weird.”

“Always down for Vanessa Kirby, but none of this is cutting it for me. Far too nonchalant and laid-back for my liking, lacking any sort of direction or fashion message. The photography from Josh Shinner is seriously lacking…” complained vogue28.

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